Savvy businesses are choosing RIM to do their websites because:

a) We are communications professionals – we understand your website has a job to do, and we know how to maximise the return on the investment to get results from your website investment.

b) Your website integrates and interacts with other elements of your marketing, our knowledge of the role it will play with other communications optimises its effectiveness when being designed & built.

c) We are experts in and successful at Search Engine Optimisation SEO.

d) We have built custom integrations into websites eg specification tools and other custom programming products.  If you need your website to perform a task, we make it happen.

e) Once launched, you make the changes you need, and if you need a hand we will be around – we’ve been in business for  over 10 years and are still assisting our first clients.

A website built with RIM:

•    Focuses on a clear objective (e.g., selling downloads, generating online reservations)
•    Is designed to achieve specific goals.
•    Is created based on data including customer experience, customer journey & site flows; research – including digital consumer behaviour, search engine optimisation and integration into all other traditional marketing and digital marketing activity including social media.

It’s more than just a pretty face.

We’d love to discuss with you your business goals and opportunities and how web design can fit within your overall traditional marketing and digital/social media strategy.

An RIM web design is custom-crafted to ensure increased interaction, leads, and sales for a client based on that client’s unique target prospects, needs, products/services, and business goals, it is focused on effectiveness, built for ROI, not for the gratuitous showcasing of bells and whistles.  It’s more than just a pretty face.

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