Video marketing is a rising star in marketing, by and large thanks to social integration. It is gaining a vital place in the marketing plans of all major companies to connect with consumers, engage with them and convert them into paying customers.

Don’t believe the hype? One industry opinion leader says 74 percent of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Studies show that using the word ‘Video’ in the subject line of an email can increase open rates by 19 percent, click-through rates by 65 percent and reduce un-subscribers by 26 percent. According to Twitter, videos and photos get the most retweets.

Video production with your unique selling messages at the core

We’ve been using videos to market our clients since we began over 10 years ago.  Clients have benefited from carefully crafted scripts that target potential clients with unique selling messages in engaging and entertaining ways, always with the end action in mind.

Whether its TVC, corporate video, campaign videos, animated explainer videos, longer videos broken down into short bite-sized videos for social media – we help maximise your ROI from this media with a strategic approach that produces the video to be fully integrated into your marketing to leverage ROI and results

Our video production team are proven to live up to our high expectations of quality, value for money and adding value at each step of the process.

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Our Latest Work

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  • Western NSW Local Health District

    Animated explainer video introducing Telehealth to the people of Western NSW Local Health District

  • Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health

    Animated explainer video for pilot program Act-Belong-Commit for far west NSW.

  • Orange Aboriginal Medical Centre OAMS

    Community partnership campaign television commercial to promote OAMS and its services to the people of Orange and surround.

  • Rural Adversity Mental Health Program

    Animated explainer video for the ‘stress bucket’ concept to explain mental health for rural and regional NSW.

  • Western NSW Local Health District

    Introduction to Telehealth for the staff of the Western Local Area Health District.

  • Rural Adversity Mental Health Program

    Animated explainer for the ‘Health Continuum’ as it applies to mental health

  • Orange Aboriginal Medical Centre

    Animated explainer video for OAMS presentations and web.

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