Strategic planning that drives action

the big picture.

At RIM we harness the most appropriate and cost effective marketing solutions available to you to increase customer contact, grow sales or outcomes and drive bottom line profitability.  All our work is viewed through a strategic lens as we continuously ask the question: “How does this fit into the big picture?”  This means in each step with us, you are moving closer to your organisational goals.

all tools evaluated.

We have no alignment to any form of marketing – we act as your independent marketing advisor, guiding you through the marketing labyrinth of options, selecting the right combination of traditional and digital/social media to successfully grow your organisation.   In the digital & social world, marketing and communication tools are evolving at such a rapid rate it makes your head spin.  We keep on the cutting edge of communication technology and inform you of the opportunities these changes present.

working with you.

We can work with your team to implement activities, building capacity or you can use our services and valued suppliers to make marketing work for you.  Our clients stay with us long term because we provide value, hassle free service.  We are their trusted business partner to advise, manage and implement projects efficiently and cost effectively.

marketing in action.

how we can bring your messages to life!

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