Looking for measureable results in your social media marketing?

We deliver results in social media marketing.  No matter what your goals, we devise a strategy and set up the digital conversion tracking to test and measure what we do every day.  And if you would like to build capacity within your business we can also train and mentor your staff.  We’re not the cheapest, but we deliver results.

Working with RIM means your social media is:

  • Integrated into your existing strategy
  • Aligned with your organisations objectives, measureable and be accountable
  • Selected by type of social meida according to targets and objectives
  • Has operational (ie who does what) guidelines and grows the skills of your organsiation.

Our 25+ years of specialist marketing experience is applied to an expert knowledge of digital & social media and we create strategy that will help you get results.

How about building the capacity of your team?

Join our digital marketing club with interactive learning workshops, online training and one on one mentoring sessions.  We work with you and your team to set up the digital function, support you during implementation, then leave you with a fully operating digital media function run by skilled staff.

What we cover:

  • Your target audience, objectives and metrics for measurement
  • Key influencers and methods for engaging them
  • Social medias selected, content guidelines for each
  • Operational plan for posting, commenting and giving feedback
  • Promotional plan for building network
  • Review your team and resources for implementation
  • Tools for scheduling, monitoring and reporting
  • Methodology for translating activity into ROI

RIM has delivered successful social media campaigns in retail, mining, recruitment, local government, health and social marketing.

Already dabbling in social media – but need some direction?  Why not consider a digital media strategy to give you a roadmap to meeting your goals.  Download a fact sheet here.

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