Visualising Complex Information

The need

We are in the age of information overload, so quality communications are imperative.Various clients come to us to develop visual concepts that are quick to digest but provide the overall detail required in the message. This example is how we explained the results of Western NSW LHD strategic performance in a infographic-style visual.

The process

Working with our graphic team, RIM develops easy to understand infographics as one off communications, as a part of strategy and reporting documents and as components of a communication strategy

The results

Clients come back to us again and again as we ‘get’ how people consume information in this crazy info overload world and can break down complex information into workable visual ‘snacks’ for staff, their clients or stakeholders to grasp.It’s one of our key skills and one we very much enjoy working on – all our clients enjoy this approach when working with their communications materials

Our Latest Work

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