Switch from Radio to Social with RIM returns over 400% ROI and delivers a fully trained team member


The client was previously using radio to promote the home delivery service – while sales were OK when on the radio, when the campaign was not on sales dropped significantly and the media was getting more and more expensive.

RIM met with the client to discuss their goals and challenges, assessing the situation in a more holistic view, being able to devise a solution that would meet several of the client expectations including positioning, messaging (unique selling points) implementation and tracking.


We determined a Digital Marketing Mentoring program would be the most suitable option, allowing initial strategy and set up followed by direction and support with a client team member who will take over the day to day running of the digital and social media function.

RIM devised the strategy and implemented for the first two months, refining the offer to determine patron preferences then worked formally with the team member over six months covering such areas as messaging, visuals, scheduling, tracking, advertising, responding and managing reviews.

Investment into the set up ensured that each order could be directly attributed to its source – which enabled the cost per acquisition to be determined and profit indicated by virtue of an average order margin.

During the training mentoring period sales grew 150% providing 400% ROI (including consulting costs) with home delivery now a local ‘go to’ choice – even with a break in social and digital activity.  Now it is managed
completely by the client with ROI now upwards of 10 x spend.

From the Client

RIM’s digital mentorship program not only delivered a 400% ROI, but at the end I had a fully trained staff member who now keeps the momentum going – taking care of all digital & social media activities.  It was well worth the investment” Ivan Podres, Sweet Sour Salt.

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RIM has vacancies from time to time for social media mentoring clients.  We also run formal training where mentoring is part of the process. Please see our Digital & Social Media Courses page for more information.

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