Corporate Marketing Collateral

The need

When PYBAR Mining services started working with RIM in 2007 they were looking to take their business to the next step – to be invited to and awarded full service and large tenders from mine owners.

The Process

Collateral was underpinned by developing a clear and powerful value proposition articulated in a way that those reviewing tender submissions understood and valued.  We needed to consider both the tender submission documentation but also building PYBAR’s overall profile in the market.

PYBAR required a photo library with specialist photographers commissioned across Australia to photograph underground mine sites.

New, clean design was produced to reflect the PYBAR’s next stage in corporate message

The Results

Collateral that created an image that attracted the right targets and delivered a message that assisted PYBAR to win the next level of tenders size and cement itself ongoing as a strong tier 2 tender applicant.

Our Latest Work

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