Long-term RIM Client named in AFR Fast 100

RIM’s long term client, Regional Enviroscience achieved a milestone in 2017, being named in the Fast 100 list for business growth over the last four years.  This incredible result is even more unusual given the high profile company kept in this list, being regionally based, a STEM organisation AND a woman(!) at the helm.  The press release (written by RIM) for the announcement follows:

Regionally-based, a STEM organisation and a woman at the helm – meet Australian Financial Review’s most unusual Fast 100 lister.

Building a regionally based STEM organisation has proven no problem for Dubbo based entrepreneur Juliet Duffy – whose business, Regional Enviroscience, has been listed in the Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 companies in 2017.

The Fast 100 is ranked by average revenue growth over four years.  Some of the household names that started out as Fast 100 companies include; Atlassian, Booktopia, Boost Juice, Carman’s Fine Foods, Cellarmasters, Grill’d, Herron Pharmaceuticals, Lonely Planet, RedBalloon, SEEK, WebJet and Worley Parsons.

Regional Enviroscience is an Occupational Hygiene consultancy with specialties in asbestos, pollution incidents, meth lab clean-ups, contaminated sites and air & water monitoring.  Enviroscience protects the health of people and the environment through detecting and monitoring a range of contaminants in the air, water, soil and materials.  With offices in Dubbo, Wagga and Tamworth and recently in Maroochydore, Queensland, Enviroscience employs over 25 people, including 17 professional staff.

Enviroscience works with a range of public and private clients including state & federal departments and tier one civil and mining contractors.

Being regionally-based,’ says Juliet Duffy, ’we understand the uniqueness of our natural environment, infrastructure and communities.  Living in the towns where we work, our team has the connections and support to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and recognition of our innovative approach to meeting legislative and safety requirements has amplified our growth’. The company specialises in naturally occurring asbestos which is prevalent in regional NSW, detecting and testing samples at their Dubbo-based NATA accredited laboratory.

Typically a male dominated industry, the Enviroscience team includes two young women who are both Occupational Hygienists and Licences Asbestos Assessors, mentored by Juliet. ‘Being a woman in STEM is not without its challenges – especially with on-site work’ says Juliet, ‘however all our team support each other in day to day operations and without their dedicated approach to both the work and colleagues – we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this extraordinary growthI have them to thank.’

The growth over the last three years can also be attested to Juliet’s sheer tenacity.  A recent breast cancer survivor, Juliet knows how to put up a good fight and is a champion for regional businesses and the untapped expertise in regional areas. ‘Often the education and experience that lies within the regions is overlooked by decision makers in capital cities, adding great expense and resource use to projects. 

I hope Enviroscience’s national recognition can contribute to breaking down the false perception that being a bush-based organisation is some sort of barrier to talent.’

For the future Juliet is keen to develop new products, technologies and staff that will help keep people safe from environmental hazards, both in Australia and internationally.  ‘Every day new hazards ARE being identified, and we strive to be on top of the impacts they can have on the communities where we live and work’.

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