Branding Far West Local Health District

Branding strategy need

Consumers of health services in the Far West Local Health District (FWLHD) think of health as a commodity – ie I’m sick, I come here and I get better.  The FWLHD wanted to change this view and encourage the community to interact with the service to stay well, being involved with the service throughout all stages of life. Staff culture change around Studer principles was also being implemented and attracting qualified health professionals to this outback region was an ongoing challenge.

FWLHD approached RIM to work on a branding strategy to make the health service more approachable, encourage ongoing engagement, ‘group’ services together for continuity of care and to recognise the LHD’s role in keeping these remote communities vibrant and sustainable.  The brand needed to work both externally for communities and internally for staff – to support the culture changes and attract key staff.

Branding strategy process

RIM consulted with the team in a series of group workshops and one on one meetings.  Themes uncovered in these meetings were analysed and key messages developed, then distilled into a brand.  This required lots of probing beyond standard responses such as ‘excellence in care’ (what did this mean?) and ‘client driven care’.

The result

RIM distilled that the Far West Local Health District role is all about ‘life’.  Preserving life, improving life and sustaining a well life.  In this district, lives are intrinsically linked around the health service – looking after health, providing work, opportunity for socialisation and community sustainability.   FWLHD therefore plays a key role in helping its communities to live their BEST life – in work, play, family and community.

Best Life’ applies to all lives – sick or well, and each person has their own version of their best life. ‘Best Life’ is having a level of health that enables you to meet your goals personally and professionally. ‘Best Life’ encourages staff to understand patient needs and wants and tailor care accordingly.  ‘Best Life’ is a career experience in outback health.  And even in palliative care – by asking questions of patients and their families, the LHD can still help patients live their ‘Best Life.’    The brand was launched in May 2017.

From the client

“We were seeking to draw a range of views, ideas and history about a local health district into a brand that reflected the direction for the future. Sam and Regional Integrated Marketing were great at the synthesis of views and challenging some fixed thinking.  The subsequent work to support launching the brand and direction added considerably to the organisation.”

Stuart Riley – CE Far West Local Health District, August 2017

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