Get marketing cut-through in an era of info overload.

Your internet marketing spend budget is precious – don’t waste it – follow this quick 5 step plan to maximise message cut through

You spend money on advertising.  Time on your website.  Resources on internet marketing.  Yet how do you crack through all that information that competes for our attention and get customers through your door?

It’s tough.  So much information is out there – in a recent Ted Talk, messaging/branding expert Sam Horn, talks about the age of “INFObesity” – where we have so much information to digest – and as a result a goldfish has a longer attention span, at nine seconds, than the average human adult, now at just eight.

An eight second chance to get their attention!

Yes! Eight seconds! This short attention span means using the old ways of traditional marketing, it’s next to impossible to attract and maintain interest – really, who reads or listens to traditional advertisements now days?

And then there is ‘multi-screening’ – 35% of us browse a smartphone or tablet while also watching TV or listening to the radio.  And one in six use the internet to research your business or product before contacting you – instore, on the phone or via email.

So, when preparing a message to customers online, we need to have the right information, delivered at the right time in the right format.  Here are five tips to help you get that message right.

1.    What are your customers/potential customers concerns?

Who are they and what do they care about?  What issues are they facing that you can help resolve?   How can we phrase the issue in terms they use?

HINT: Use Google Keyword Planner to find out what terms people are using to search for the products or service you supply.

2.    Describe a likely negative consequence if they do nothing

– make them take notice, understand the importance choosing your business, and take an urgent action.

HINT: People are more likely to act to relieve pain than they are to gain an advantage.

3. Do something against the grain to catch attention.

Use surprise!  Make it upside down!  Make it shout!

HINT: Surprise is still the most powerful marketing tool

4. Make it emotional

Laughter, sympathy, exaggeration, empathy, How can you incorporate it into your internet marketing?  There is a reason there are so many kittens and puppies on the internet!

Hint: People remember how something made them FEEL more than they remember what actually happened.  Use this in your digital strategy.

5. Tribal Marketing

We live in regional areas where community values are important.  In the country people rely on each other much more than in the city.  People rely on others to advise, recommend and support.  This is the essence of social media.  How can your marketing message be amplified by the bigger community in which you operate?

Hint: Connect with your community via social media to have others demonstrate the benefits of working with you.

One of the best things abnout online marketing is that it is all measureable so you can test and measure what works best for you and your clients.  Hop to it!

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