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Sure we can all have a google adwords account and do our own advertising – but did you know that by using RIM, we have been able to reduced our clients cost per click by up to 40% by implementing Google best practices – giving RIM generated advertisements a high quality score, hence lowering the cost.

The beauty of Google Adwords is you are seen by potential customers at the very moment that they’re searching for the things you offer. And pay only when they click to visit your website or to call you.

But being successful at online advertising doesn’t stop there at a click through to your website.  There are more steps to getting that elusive sale, and we will help you make sure all your ducks are lined up in the straightest possible row, do knock’em down in a single hit.  We get results!

Samantha Hain of Regional Integrated Marketing is a Google Adwords Certified Professional having completed training and examinations with Google. Using Google Adwords ‘Search’ (the text only advertisements) Google ‘Display’ (Artwork advertisements that appear within specially selected websites), and Google Re-Marketing (those ads that pop up when you’ve visited a certain site) with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), RIM provides a strategic and fully measureable approach to digital advertising.

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