Mentoring your team in Digital Marketing & Social Media

Getting someone else to do your social media can be expensive and as they don’t know your organisation as well as you do, not as effective.

That’s why we think you should invest your hard-earned budget into upskilling your own team, so the expertise and capabilities are held within your organisation.  Plus if you work with RIM in a mentoring and training capacity – you can keep up the digital marketing momentum once you graduate and we no longer work together

The Digital Marketing Mentoring Program can cover:

  • Facebook
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Instagram
  • Google Adwords
  • Digital Display Advertising
  • LinkedIn
  • email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation & lead nurturing

A tailored program – for your business only

When we meet I will find out your organisational goals and what you are wanting to achieve through your digital presence.  We will then complete the digital media opportunity assessment and see where the opportunities lie.  Finally I will detail what’s involved in the Digital Mentoring program in terms of time commitment, training outcomes and investment.

Knowledge that can be applied immediately in your organisation

Your learning program will be tailored to meet your organisation’s needs in mastering digital marketing.  Training will consist of one on one or group sessions (you are welcome to send more than one participant from your organisation to training) using video and short visual exercises to check learning.  The key person participating in the training has the opportunity to be recognised by Google with a Certificate of Online Proficiency.

Meeting twice a month:

Each month we meet twice to work on training and planning.  You will be equipped with the ‘how-to’ guides, tools and procedures and we will go through a checklist of what should have been completed, what we will do in the meeting session (including any training) and a list of actions for the next meeting.  By graduation, digital marketing will be so ingrained in your workplace it will no longer be left in the ‘to do’ pile.

The ever changing world of digital marketing

Content is king and we will not only explore and practice what can be done with existing technology, but also where to keep up to date with the new technology that is always appearing.  You’ll also receive a library of personally curated tip and cheat sheets for when those creative juices stop flowing and writers block prevails.

Sign up timeframe

While there is no legal commitment – you will only get the benefit from a minimum of six months training & mentoring, so if you are not prepared to commit, then this program is not for you.

A winning result

In short, we give your organisation the push, the support and the expertise you need to make marketing in the digital world – with your own resources – a success!

Why use RIM for you digital marketing/social media mentoring?

Degree qualified in Marketing / Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute / Certified Practicing Marketer

Proven results in your local area

Extensive knowledge or ALL digital and traditional medias and how they work together to deliver you results

Access to all the time saving tips that we use for our own clients

Blended learning – online- at any time you want, workshop once a fortnight to ask questions and keep on track, one on one consultation sessions for specific advice related to your business.

Ongoing local support – we’ve been here for 10 years!

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