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Building capability statements that win multi-million dollar tenders

A capability statement is a powerful marketing tool that presents your organisations competencies, achievements, associations and accreditations. Its purpose is to communicate clearly and effectively to potential business partners, stakeholders, suppliers, customers and even employees about your organisation and its experience & ability.

A capability statement is important because it provides target audiences with specific information that will assist to make a decision on whether they should accept a role, partner or do business with your organisation. Capability statements often form the core of tender applications.

When written powerfully and persuasively, a capability statement differentiates your business from competitors, reinforces your business brand and value proposition and can help you be invited to, and win tenders.

RIM has written and designed capability statements for several large organisations, statements that have been key components of winning multi-million dollar tenders for state-wide and nation-wide projects. Many of these organisations presenting a capability statement was their next step to professionalising their image and taking their competitive offer to the next stage in size and value of tenders.

We’ve even done animated video capability statements!

The key to success is having a clear understanding of your value proposition and being able to articulate that proposition in a way that your targets understand it and value what it delivers to them. Our expertise in writing powerful value propositions and unique selling points are RIM’s standout value proposition to you!

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