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We make brochures & posters that sell.  Simple.

Whether you are wanting to sell a product or service, garner engagement with a community or health service, encourage new users of the activities your organisation provides, RIM gathers all the appropriate information and crafts it into engaging and exciting content and perfect layout –  sparking interest from your target market and motivates action.

RIM brochures & posters are easy to follow, have crafted key selling messages in the right order and leads your targets on a journey to call, login, download or visit your organisation.  They stand out amongst the competition, and are useful to the target, always with the end goal in sight.

Brochures & Posters can leverage integration to digital and online activities – particularly with certain demographics and in certain circumstances where digital is not available or difficult for targets to use.

Don’t waste your precious marketing budget by trying to create your own brochure or poster.  Talk to RIM today to see how we can develop a useful conversion tool to grow your organisation.

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We help companies and organisations grow faster and reach their goals with more effective, more measurable marketing.

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