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consultation & workshop.

Each branding strategy is kicked off with a workshop that uncovers objectives and challenges, and distills the essence of your organisation to base the strategy.  Beliefs are challenged in a fun and non confronting way.  All team members participate, no matter their communication style and concepts are mooted and tested.  At the end of the workshop RIM takes away existing and uncovered priorities, an understanding of your organisation, its nuances and what makes it different to appeal to the target audience.

unique selling points + key messages

These grab your prospect’s attention, shows how you solve their problem, why they should trust you, and why they should engage with your organisation.  Well crafted messages cut through all the clutter, resonate emotionally and are memorable. We work with your team to distill unique selling points (USPs) and develop key messages that set you apart from the competition, forming the basis of all communications.


A brand is not a logo.  We develop the strategy behind the visual identification of your organisation, what you want to say to the market and importantly the engagement of stakeholders and staff.   A well devised brand helps your prospects see you as the only one that provides a solution to their need, delivers the message clearly, confirms your credibility, and connects emotionally. Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients and prospects.

branding in action.

how we can bring your messages to life!

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